Privacy policy on the processing of personal data - Customers and potential customers

1. Information about the data controller and contact details

The Website is entirely managed by:

Immobiliare Angst s.r.l. with registered office in P.zza Generale Armando Diaz, 1 - 20123 Milano,
VAT number: 02675010124
Phone: +39 01
Certified E-mail:
Economic and Administrative Index (REA): MI - 2037953

hereinafter referred to as “Data Controller”.

The Data Controller resides in Italy, and therefore no representative has been appointed.

2. Contact details of the Data Protection Officer

The Data Controller has not appointed a data protection officer.

3. Purpose and legal basis of the processing

Your personal data will be processed for the following purposes:

  1. For contractual purposes and/or for purposes related to the execution of any pre-contractual measures requested by you, and fulfil any legal obligations related to such purposes, and in particular, so that you may be contacted in order to discuss the possibility of purchasing a property, to conclude specific contracts in order to establish a right of first refusal on the purchase of a property for a limited period of time, or to make a purchase offer. In this case, the legal basis of processing is the execution of the contract and/or the management of pre-contractual relationships;
  2. To send direct marketing messages, newsletters, advertising material, through traditional and automated computer systems, including commercial or promotional messages sent by email or text message, or for purposes of research and market analysis. In this case, the legal basis of processing is your consent, expressed in accordance with this policy;
  3. For purposes related to legal obligations if your personal data are processed for the purposes specified by point a). In this case, the legal basis of processing is the legal obligation of the Data Controller to process such personal data in accordance with the applicable national law.

4. How to express consent

When consent is required, this may be given by signing a document online, even through the use of flagboxes.

5. Processing method and logic applied to processing

6. Source of the personal data 

Only data provided in accordance with this policy will be processed. Data from sources available to the public will not be processed.

7. Recipients and categories of recipients of personal data

The recipients of personal data may be:

8. Categories of data

Personal data will be processed.

9. Transfer of data

The Data Controller intends to transfer the personal data to a third country or an international organisation. The above may include for example:

The transfer of personal data to these subjects, if these are established in a Third Country or an international organization, is carried out in the presence of an adequacy decision of the European Commission, which has verified how the Third Country, region or one or more specific sectors in the third country, or the international organization in question guarantees an adequate level of protection of the data subject's rights. In any case, the Data Controller - if it deems this to be appropriate - reserves the right to conclude specific separate agreements which oblige such subjects to adopt adequate security measures, including organisational measures, aimed at providing appropriate guarantees regarding the data subject's rights. The data may thus be transferred to the following countries: United States of America. To obtain a copy of such data or the location where they have been made available, simply send a request to the Data Controller, c/o the above addresses

10. Period of retention of personal data 

11. Optionality of giving consent and consequences of refusing consent

12. Right to object

The data subject shall have the right to object on any of the following grounds:

13. Other rights

The Data Controller also informs the data subject that it has the following rights:

14. Exercising your Rights

Requests to exercise the rights indicated by this policy, including, the right to erasure and the right to withdraw any consent given, should be addressed directly to the Data Controller at the email address provided. Alternatively, you may exercise your rights by sending a registered letter with return receipt to the address of the Data Controller

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